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Scott Clark, the owner of Geronimo Creek Landscape & Gardens, Inc., has a bachelor's degree in landscape architecture from Texas Tech University. He has been in business for 25 years. Located in Geronimo, the company is fully-insured and licensed. We are a one-stop solution for landscaping and irrigation design, repair, and installation services. You will work with a friendly staff and get professional service and quality workmanship with us. We provide excellent references upon request.

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We are a family-owned and operated company equipped with Texas irrigator license number 8814 and backflow testing license number BP0014212. You can expect professional workmanship and competitive pricing for every job.

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Landscaping Services

Bring your landscaping ideas to life with our comprehensive landscaping services. Get xeriscape (drought tolerance plants), ground maintenance, perennial gardens, butterfly gardens, herb gardens, stonework, stone borders, retaining walls, and tree work with us. We carefully select the plants, trees, and shrubs that fit your taste, requirements, and budget. You will enjoy a well-designed and aesthetically-pleasing landscape.

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We plan, design, install, or replace your existing irrigation system at the most affordable rate. You can depend on us for backflow prevention testing and drip irrigation. Our irrigation repair ranges from leak to sprinkler head repair. Our unique irrigation system design will make sure that your plants get all the water they need. You can relax and let your lawn flourish with our high-quality and efficient sprinkler heads.

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