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Irrigation repair

If you're a residential or commercial owner hoping to make a good first impression, Geronimo Creek Landscape & Gardens, Inc. will do everything necessary to keep your lawn looking lush and green. We strictly regulate the irrigation schedules of our sprinklers to avoid overwatering and wastage of resources. When your irrigation system loses its high-performing capacities, our trained technician can spruce it up with new parts, ensuring your plants get all the water they need.

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You will get the best sprinkler and irrigation systems in Geronimo, TX. We can plan, design, install, or replace your existing system for the best rates in town. When you work with us, you don't have to worry about backflow or leaks. Our backflow testing license no. is BP0014212.

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You'll get amazing service when you choose to work with a family-owned company that's been serving your area for 25 years. We utilize the best products available and our unique design gives you a more efficient irrigation. It ensures that your plants and grass stay fresh throughout the year. So, sit back and let professionals handle your irrigation system. With high-quality and efficient sprinkler heads, your lawn and garden will flourish like never before.

Fully-Insured Irrigation Services


•  Irrigation repair - anything from

    a leak to sprinkler head repair

•  Design and installation

•  Residential and commercial

•  Backflow prevention testing

•  Drip irrigation

•  Texas irrigator license number 8814

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